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20 Minute DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard

20 Minute DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard

DIY reclaimed wood headboard

This post is sponsored by Stikwood.
Have you guys seen the amazing reclaimed wood beds that are popular right now? They are gorgeous! The only problem is they will usually cost you thousands. But you are in luck! I have a way you can have that reclaimed wood bed you want for much cheaper ... DIY it! I know you are probably rolling your eyes right now thinking that a DIY reclaimed wood headboard sounds like too much work, but this tutorial will literally take you 20 minutes. I am not kidding. I timed it. The secret is I used a Stikwood Stikit Headboard. It's a reclaimed wood headboard kit. I was SHOCKED at how quick it was to put together. See our process below. My dad was in need of a new bed, so I did a lil bedroom makeover for him at his loft in Phoenix. It was so much fun. Make sure to check out the video at the end of the post too!

Stikwood Stikit Headboard box

20 Min DIY Reclaimed Wood Headboard Instructions

1. Order a Stikwood Stikit Headboard online.

It's super simple to order a Stikit Headboard online. You just choose the style and size you want, and they ship the DIY kit to your house in a surprisingly small box. Stikwood offers four different styles, and they have both king and queen size headboards. We did the Reclaimed Sierra Silver Stikit Headboard for my dad. I love that it's masculine, and the silver patina is a modern take on classic redwood. The amazing thing about Stikwood is all of the boards are real wood. They are cut super thin, so they are extremely lightweight for the wall.

Stikwood Stikit Headboard shipping contents

Everything comes neatly packed in the box ready to assemble.

Stikit Headboard base laying flat

2. Lay the headboard base flat. 

I also found it helpful to organize the wood pieces by letter. 

Stikit headboard placing top trim pieces

3. Place on the top trim pieces.

Note which sides have space between the metal and the edge of the wood. Those sides will go in the two corners. 

peeling back of wood boards Stikwood Stikit headboard

4. Peel.

Peel the stickers off the back of the first wood board. 

sticking wood pieces to Stikwood Stikit headboard

5. Stick!

Match up the letters on the cardboard base with the letters on the back of the wood boards, and stick!

DIY reclaimed wood headboard against wall

6. Measure.

Measure where you would like to hang your headboard.

hanging DIY reclaimed wood headboard on wall

7. Hang!

Hang the headboard using the hardware in the kit.

DIY reclaimed wood headboard assembled

You can put the bed on the floor in front of the headboard or on a simple frame like this $70  IKEA bed frame we used.


master bedroom makeover before


master bedroom makeover after

What a difference ... don't ya think?! The headboard is totally the star of the room.


DIY reclaimed wood headboard bedroom makeover before


DIY reclaimed wood headboard bedroom makeover after

Here is another angle of the loft bedroom makeover. Whatcha think?

DIY reclaimed wood headboard bedroom makeover nightstand

This nightstand is a Target Project 62 nightstand that I spray painted using Rustoleum's "soft iron" metallic spray paint. I love this paint color if you want to DIY your own nightstand. I don't see the nightstand on Target's website anymore, but here is a similar nightstand.

bench at foot of bed

This World Market Bram Upholstered Bench in pumice is one of my favorite purchases. It is so versatile. You can use it as an ottoman, a bench at the end of the bed, or a bench in your entryway. And the look is timeless. You can get it in a ton of colors. It's practically a custom upholstered bench.

bedroom makeover console table

This CB2 Mill Console Table is everything! It's narrow size makes it easy to put almost anywhere you need a little vignette. From left to right, that is an old Target lamp. Here is a similar lamp. That vase is Target, but I can't find it online for some reason. I'm sure it's at your local store. It was with the dorm decor display. That wood bowl is old from Target (I'm sensing a pattern here), but here is a similar wood bowl. Those antlers are from a friend who lives on a farm. That marble disk accent is old from World Market, but here is a similar marble disk.

easy DIY reclaimed wood headboard

This pendant is old Target, but here is a similar basket pendant from CB2 (my favorite store).

DIY reclaimed wood headboard gray nightstand

Here is the nightstand moment on the other side of the bed. The candle is old Target (wow I am realizing how much I go to Target ... need help), but here is a similar matte black candle. This ceramic facet lamp is so great and versatile. You could use this lamp in any style house, and it would work. The decorative box is old Nate Berkus for Target (go figure), but here is a similar decorative box. And I love love love this CB2 Jacks Silver Ring Holder. It looks like a decorative object with great lines, but it is super functional.

black tray on bench

This Threshold black tray has a heavy weight that makes it seem super expensive, but it's only $20. A VERY similar throw to the one you see above is this Sweater Knit Throw Pillow Blanket. We have the linked blanket at our house, and it is SO incredibly soft and cozy. It's my favorite blanket in the house.

white and gray vase

This vase is new from Target. I just got it, but for some reason I can't find it online. Visit your local store, and you will probably see it.

decorative wood tray

This decorative wood bowl is old Target, but here is a similar wood bowl that I also have and love.

nightstand decor

The black and white tray is part of a set from Target, and it's old unfortunately. This vase is a part of the same collection as the gray and white one above, and again it's new from Target. I can't find it online, but I would guess they have it at your local store. 

floor vase

This floor vase is from Living Spaces a while back.

modern black and brass circular wall hanging

This wall hanging is a DIY. I'll share the tutorial soon!

DIY reclaimed wood headboard bedroom makeover

There you have it! I hope you find this DIY reclaimed wood headboard tutorial to be extremely easy, and I hope you like my dad's loft bedroom makeover! I think he is pleased with it, so that makes my heart happy. Thanks for being here!

You might also be interested in this DIY herringbone wall and this DIY giant barn door with Stikwood. and Oh and don't forget to watch the video above! Please follow me on YouTube for more videos. Click the button below and subscribe. 


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