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One Reclaimed Wood Shelf Three Different Ways

One Reclaimed Wood Shelf Three Different Ways

reclaimed wood shelf bar

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Entertainment Room

Reclaimed wood shelves are super versatile. They can be used in any room in your house, and they work with almost any design style. They are a great way to bring texture and warmth to a space. Today I’m showing you just how versatile reclaimed wood shelves can be by styling them for three different spaces. First up … an entertainment room. We took a unique spin on the reclaimed shelf here by using it as a bar. We installed a 6 foot reclaimed wood shelf from Stikwood. Stikwood offers shelves from 4 to 8 feet, so depending on the size of your room a shorter or longer shelf might work best. I think the scale of this shelf works perfectly against the length of this wall. My recommendation is to fill the length of the wall with the shelf but leave at least 6 inches of space on either side. You might recognize this loft space from my 20 minute DIY relcaimed wood headboard post. It's my dad's house, and I just love this shelf in here!

reclaimed wood shelf bar with drink and book

I love using reclaimed wood in houses because it has such a story to tell. Every knot and imperfection is a mark of its rich history. These shelves are Reclaimed Douglas Fir Shelves. The wood was used for structural function in buildings throughout the Western Seaboard of the USA. The wood is kiln dried for durability, and I tell you what … it makes a huge difference. Get your sharp drill bits out. These babies are heavy-duty and will work hard for you for years to come.

reclaimed wood shelf bar with barstool

To add to their industrial flair, the reclaimed wood shelves are secured to the wall using pipe fittings. We installed these shelves on probably the most challenging surface: slump stone, and they did great. The pipe fittings are sturdy enough to handle uneven surfaces like this.

entertainment room reclaimed wood shelf

Although this loft does not have a pool table, this shelf would look rather sharp next to one in a billiards room … don’t ya think? We kept the styling for this shelf minimal because you need room for drinks … duh.

teen room reclaimed wood shelf

Teen Room

Next up … reclaimed wood shelves work perfect in a teen room. You can place them stacked on a wall or above a desk like we did here to complete this study area.

teen boy room reclaimed wood shelf

Here I used the 4' reclaimed wood shelf from Stikwood. It is sittin pretty in my neighbor's house. She has a twelve year old son who had run out of storage space in his room. This shelf was just what he needed.

reclaimed wood shelf teen study

I love this bird’s eye view of the shelf because it shows that even though it is rustic it still looks finished.

shelf styling tips

Shelf Styling Tips

To style shelves, I always start with pictures or artwork in the back. Next, I ground the area with books and/or a tray. And finally I sprinkle in accessories of varying shapes and sizes. Note: it never hurts to add in a plant to bring some life to the shelf.

teen study reclaimed wood shelf

I mean what teen wouldn’t want to study in this space?

basket on reclaimed wood shelf

Baskets are always great to use on shelves. They are stylish and serve as extra storage.

nursery reclaimed wood shelf


I have had nurseries on the brain since we got the news that we have a lil one on the way, so I just HAD to style a nursery space. This reclaimed wood shelf setup works in a girl, boy, or gender neutral nursery. We have waited until the birth to find out the gender of all of our babies, so this shelf moment would work great for us.

gender neutral nursery reclaimed wood shelf

We did something a bit unique here and hung a wardrobe bar from the 4’ reclaimed wood shelf. It’s perfect for setting out your new babe’s outfit for the day or displaying a favorite onesie.

nursery shelf

For styling a nursery shelf or shelves, I like to include sentimental items. This shoe was my husband’s when he was a baby that my mother-in-law had gold plated.

nursery shelf styling tips

There you have it! I hope you found it helpful to see how you can style reclaimed wood shelves in several different ways. Which space is your favorite? Let me know in the comments!

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