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Make This $149 CB2 TV Tray for $30-$60

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For several months, I had been eyeing this gorgeous acrylic TV Tray at CB2, when one day it hit me. "I could totally make that," I literally yelled out loud to myself. Oh brother ... it gets lonely working out of your house sometimes. But I digress. Let's get back to the table, shall we? It is so chic looking, and I just love TV trays. They are super functional. Plus they remind me of being at my Grandma + Grandpa's house when I was young. My grandma used to make us yummy snacks, and we would eat them off of TV trays. Would it be weird if I break out the TV trays next time I'm back for a visit?

So I recreated this $149 CB2 TV Tray for $60; however, you can definitely do it for less. I used 1/2" thick acrylic because I wanted it to be really thick. However, you will get the same thick look with the 3/8" or the 1/4," and it will save you a ton! You can make this for $30 really. In case you haven't noticed, I love to save some money by recreating some really expensive home accessories on the cheap like this Swiss Cross Throw or this Hoop Light.

To see the full tutorial, hop on over to Brit + Co. And in case you're curious, here are more projects I've created for Brit + Co. And for more behind the scenes and exclusive DIYs, please subscribe below!

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