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DIY Floral Plate Chargers

DIY Chargers

I am super excited to share this DIY with you today because every time I look at these in my house I am more and more obsessed.  I really love the way they turned out. They are so bright and beautiful, and they are just perfect for an outdoor garden party this summer. You might remember these from my Shutterfly Garden Party Bridal Shower. I think they totally made the shoot! The great thing about these gorgeous chargers is that you can use plastic plates and utensils and your party will still look fancy. Let's get started ... shall we?

How To Make Chargers
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12" or 14" unfinished wood plate chargers
small paint brushes
black sharpie
acrylic paint (I got the two Americana colors at Hobby Lobby. You can also get them here and here on Amazon. The Martha Stewart color is party streamer. You can get it at Michael's or here on Amazon. FYI, the Amazon links are affiliate links.)

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How To Make Plate Chargers

Paint your design. I free-handed the design based off of the Shutterfly Garden Bridal Shower Invitations I used. Let the paint dry.

DIY Plate Chargers

Outline your design with a black sharpie. Voila! You are done and ready to party!

How gorgeous do these chargers make this table look?! These would also be beautiful for a wedding. Let me know what you think in the comments below!

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