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A Festive Wine Table for Holiday Entertaining

A Festive Wine Table for Holiday Entertaining

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Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Riunite through their partnership with POPSUGAR. While I was compensated by POPSUGAR to write a post about Riunite, all opinions are my own.

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I think wine is a must during the holiday season. Choosing gifts for those who are hard to shop for, entertaining for big parties, and shopping with long lines can cause some stress.  But wine makes it all better … right? 

holiday wine party

Wine has become ubiquitous with holiday parties, and I feel like dessert tables get all of the attention these days. So I thought I would do something a lil different and share some inspiration on how to put together a festive wine table for your holiday soirées. Fun right?

Christmas party decor

Here are a few tips I came up with for creating the perfect wine table:

holiday party ideas

Gather your supplies

Pretty wine openers and gorgeous stoppers don’t hurt when trying making your wine table stand out.

DIY wine menu

Make a wine menu

I think it’s a nice touch to tell your guests about the wine you are serving. What region is the wine from? What kind of wine is it? What flavors does it embody. For this wine table, I served Riunite Lambrusco which is a wine from Northern Italy. It’s a lush, crisp, and slightly sweet wine. I created this acrylic sign to tell guests all about it in a unique and pretty way.

setting up a wine table

Layer your table

Layer your table with linens and garland. It gives the table interest and body.

Christmas entertaining ideas

Include warm elements

Poufs and baskets around the table make your setup feel casual and inviting.

holiday entertaining ideas
Christmas party
Christmas entertaining

Set the mood

Candles set the mood for your table, and again they make it feel warm and inviting.

Christmas party ideas

Using varying heights for your decor elements

Make sure to vary the height of the decor elements on your table. In this set up, the different candle sizes and the cake stand I used for the wine glasses gives the table some visual interest.

DIY Christmas party ideas
Christmas wine party

Please Drink Responsibly

My last tip is to please drink responsibly. It is especially important to remember around the holidays … don’t you think?

holiday party decor

How do you guys feel about creating a festive wine table for a holiday party?

DIY Happy Holidays sign

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