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Throw A Holiday Detox Brunch With Your Besties

Throw A Holiday Detox Brunch With Your Besties

holiday detox

How about making your holiday detox fun by gathering your best girlfriends and throwing a holiday detox brunch? Who can't use a lil' moral support now and then? Here are some ideas for a citrus themed event that I hope you likey!

holiday detox brunch

For your holiday detox brunch first start by serving up some fun + healthy juice blends in mini shooters. Or to make things really easy on yourself, you can serve store bought orange, grapefruit, and green juices.

holiday detox juice

Maybe serve your holiday detox juice shooters with black + white stripey straws?

chocolate dipped orange slices recipe

Next serve up a platter of dark chocolate dipped orange slices topped with a lil' sea salt ... yum!

pancake skewers

And finally, dole out some Whole Wheat Orange Yogurt Pancake Skewers. For my recipe, please visit KitchenAid.

citrus themed party

A holiday detox doesn't have to be awful right, and I don't think you can go wrong with a citrus-themed party right? Curious to know if any of you are doing a holiday detox right now and which one? I could use some ideas. For the rest of the deets for this brunch party, please visit KitchenAid.

P.S. I'm super excited to announce that I've partnered with KitchenAid this year to bring you some fun entertaining ideas each month. This is the first among many, but in case you want to follow along or are reading this one after the publish date, here are all of my KitchenAid posts.

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