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How to Do a Gallery Wall

How To Create A Gallery Wall

The infamous gallery wall ... a staple in any home as far as I'm concerned. But the question always is how to create a gallery wall that looks put together but not too uniform? After I shared my DIY Artwork post, I got a lot of questions from you all on how to recreate the gallery wall in my living room. I am by no means an interior designer, but I cyber stalk interior designers all day long. So that makes me an expert right? Well maybe not, but I thought you might appreciate some tips on creating the perfect gallery wall that I have learned along the way.

How To Do A Gallery Wall

Start with a large piece that will serve as your focal point. Gather other art pieces that are smaller than your focal piece.

How To Gallery Wall

Put your focal piece slightly off center on your wall. This creates interest and doesn't make your gallery wall look too contrived.

Gallery Wall How To

Mix in photos, artwork, and prints in different shapes and sizes. I like to also mix in frames that come out quite a bit from the wall. This adds another layer to your gallery wall.

Gallery Wall Ideas

Use one color throughout your wall to unite the images. In this case, I used black and white photos and artwork to create a cohesive looking collection.

Gallery Wall Tutorial

When you have your collection, arrange your pieces on the floor how you want them. Then cut out paper images of your pieces, making sure to designate where the hanger is on your frame. Use these paper images to arrange your artwork on the wall. Nail right where you marked. Hang up your piece, and rip the paper off.

Gallery Walls

Any other tips I should add?! Let me know in the comments!

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