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How to Style White Jeans

How to Style White Jeans

how to style white jeans

Since Memorial Day is over, you can officially wear white. White is great for summer; however, it can be tricky to style. Let’s face it, white jeans are not always flattering. Today I’m partnering with Old Navy to show you how to style white jeans.

how to wear white jeans

This past weekend, Mikes, Flynn man, and I had lunch and went to a park near our house. I love our family time more than anything. Flynn loved checking out the fountains, and daddy and I got to catch up on the week. For the casual occasion, I wore my new white flare jeans, black and white striped tank, straw hat, and aviators from Old Navy. I of course carried my large tote too. With a one year old, I can’t go anywhere without a big bag.

what to wear with white jeans

I have always been a little scared of white, and it's never been easy for me to figure out what to wear with white jeans. But after a lot of trial and error over the years, I have learned a few tips and tricks for how to wear white jeans.

white jeans outfit

One day this guy will have to figure out how to style white jeans, but for now, mama will probably be the only one in a white jeans outfit. Lil man is just a wee bit too messy for those right now. But I digress. Are you ready for tip #1?

white jeans style

When in Doubt Go Flared

Most of us are afraid of white jeans because obviously white is not the most slimming color. To combat this, go with a flare shape. A flared jean is flattering and slimming to any body shape. So when in doubt for white jeans style go flared.

tops to wear with white jeans

Pair with a Drapey Top

It's never easy to figure out which tops to wear with white jeans. You all know I’m a sucker for black and white. That is why I went crazy over this black and white top at Old Navy. I like to pair white jeans with a drapey top. This is my "how to style white jeans tip #2." Drapey tops cover any areas at the top of your pants that might not be so flattering in white.

white jeans fashion

White jeans fashion in the summer is best paired with a Panama Straw Hat don't you think? Now where is the beach? Are you ready for how to style white jeans tip #3?

white jean outfits

Wear with Comfy Heels

My next tip is to wear your white jean outfits with some comfy heels. Heels always make me feel slimmer and more stylish. However, with a one year old, heels aren’t often feasible. I have a pair of platform heels that are super comfortable. I can wear them all day long. I can even carry Flynn man in them. I find platforms or wedges to be much more comfortable than traditional heels.

white jeans styling

Hope your white jeans styling just got a lot easier with these how to style white jeans tips.

wearing white jeans

You see wearing white jeans can be fun ... when you're in the know of styling white jeans.

styling white jeans

So those are my tips and tricks for how to style white jeans. Now that summer is here, I hope they are helpful. Let me know if you have any other great tips to add. I would love to hear.


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Thank you to Old Navy for sponsoring this post and for generally being awesome. Here is my previous Old Navy post on styling tees in case you are interested.

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