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Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

Printable Thanksgiving Place Cards

printable Thanksgiving place cards

For you last-minuters like myself, I designed some printable Thanksgiving place cards. You can stick these on whatever you can think of, or you can just print them on card stock and lay them flat on your dinner plates. I like the idea of sticking these onto candles and using them not only for place cards but for favors for your Thanksgiving guests.



Thanksgiving place cards DIY step 1

Download the printable Thanksgiving place cards. Fill in your names. Note the text will look different than this text, unless your Adobe program will allow you to change the font to Helvetica Neue Thin. Make sure to download the latest Adobe reader from to be able to fill in your desired names. Print the place cards onto full sheet label paper. Cut along the lines. Remove the stickers from your candles. Replace them with the place card stickers.

Thanksgiving place card templates

These Thanksgiving place card templates are nice because they are fillable.

free printable Thanksgiving place cards

These free printable Thanksgiving place cards can be placed on anything you like. I'd love to hear what other fun ideas you have!

DIY Thanksgiving place cards

DIY Thanksgiving place cards are more personal than store bought don't you think?!

Thanksgiving place cards template

The Thanksgiving place cards template has some cute little leaves that you can see in some of these pics.

homemade Thanksgiving place cards

What other ideas for homemade Thanksgiving place cards do you have? I'd love to hear!



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