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Scent-sational Holiday Gift Idea

Scent-sational Holiday Gift Idea

simmer pot recipes

One of our favorite things about the holiday season is the constant fragrance that looms in the air; whether it’s coming from the apple pie in the oven or the smell of fresh pine, these scents have automatically lifted our spirits.  What if I said you could obtain these scents without chopping down a tree or spending hours baking a pie?

Simmer Pot Mason Jars.

Here’s a great holiday gift idea that can be made in bulk!  It’s a unique, cheap, quick, and smells great.

simmer pot recipe
what is a simmer pot

All you need are mason jars or these little display cylinders I got at Michael’s and the ingredients for the scents you are trying to enjoy.

DIY simmer pot

You can purchase a pack of 12 Mason Jars at Walmart for a very reasonable price and they are also available at most grocery stores.

DIY holiday gift ideas
DIY holiday gifts

What you put inside is up to you!  Here are the recipes for some of our favorite scents!

DIY bulk holiday gift ideas

Apple Cinnamon Simmering Pot

Cinnamon sticks
Apple peels
Orange rinds
Whole cloves
 (put in whatever amounts you would like)

DIY holiday gifts in bulk
holiday gift ideas DIY

Berry Christmas Simmering Pot

Orange rinds
Cinnamon Sticks
(put in whatever amounts you would like)

free printable holiday gift tags

Pumpkin Pie Simmering Pot

Pumpkin pie spice
Cinnamon sticks
(put in whatever amounts you would like)

free printable gift tags

Now that you’ve chosen which scents to put in your mason jars, just print out our FREE labels and directions and you are ready to give a SCENT-sational gift!

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