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Our Valentine’s Day Cards

Our Valentine’s Day Cards

Valentine's Day photo card ideas

I've got some Valentine's Day photo card ideas for you today. If you didn't get your Christmas cards out this year, sending out Valentine's Day cards is a fun idea. It's an unexpected sweet surprise for your friends and family. It was a miracle that I got our Christmas cards out this year and that I got them out on time. Here is a peek at the Valentine's Day cards we are going to send out. We used the Essential Valentine's Day Card design by Lauren Chism on Minted. I am so pleased with how they turned out. It was an accidental plus that Mikes was wearing a red shirt. It really tied the whole thing together. P.S. I just bought Flynn man a matching plaid button down. I can't wait to get a pic of them together in their shirts.

personalised Valentines cards

I'm not gonna lie ... it's pretty cool that Minted will add the recipients' names and addresses to your envelopes for free. Did you guys know this? I used this service for my Christmas cards, so I don't have to upload them again. Minted saves the info. So it's super quick to checkout. I really think personalised Valentines cards are such a great idea. Everyone does holiday cards. Sending Valentines is totally unique and special. I think your recipients will be blown away with your creativity. How cute is the "deliver to" on the envelopes?!

Valentines Day greetings

The photo quality on these Valentine's Day greetings is great, and I love the red backs. I don't love Flynn's hand in his mouth, but it would be a miracle these days to get a good posed photo of this energetic cutie patootie. I can't believe how big he is getting btw. Can we please stop time?!

unique Valentines Day cards

We had our address printed on the back of the envelopes. It's totally worth the extra couple of dollars in my opinion. The look is seamless, and it will save you a good amount of time getting them out. What do you guys think of sending out Valentine's Day cards? Yay or nay? If you are looking for some gift ideas for Valentine's Day check out my Valentine's Day gift guide story. And if you have kiddos, check out Flynn's classroom Valentines.

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Below are some more Valentine's Day photo card ideas. These are some of my other favorite card designs from Minted's website. There are even more unique Valentine's Day cards on Minted if you want to check them out.

My Other Faves

Thank you to Minted for generally being awesome and for sponsoring this post.

Flynn's Classroom Valentines

Flynn's Classroom Valentines

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