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Baby Shower Photos

Baby Shower Photos

baby shower photos

These baby shower photos do not do the shower my sister and friends threw for us justice. It was ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! We felt so spoiled and loved by our family + friends. The day was truly magical. My sister had it at her house, which is absolutely gorgeous btw. Our friends were complimenting her on it the whole time. It's completely remodeled inside with a marble and white kitchen and a backyard that is made for entertaining. My sistser has decorated it to the nines too of course.

unisex baby shower invitation

My sis started with this invitation to set the stage for the baby shower. I love the gold and floral combination.

baby shower images pictures

For the baby shower, she had two tables set up, one for drinks as you see here and one for food and desserts. The drinks included mocktails, moscow mules, champs, beer, wine, punch, and pop amongst other refreshments. If it weren't for that lil thing called pregnancy getting in the way, I would have probably had a sip of each of these. I wish I would have taken more baby shower pictures because everything was just amazing you guys.

baby shower big brother

Here is the baby shower big brother. We dressed him up for the occasion in head to toe (well almost) H&M. We put him in this H&M shirt with tie. It's great because the tie comes with the shirt, but it's removable. It has a strap that just fits around the neck of the shirt under the collar. We also put him in some H&M gray corduroy pants. I put him in these all of the time. He can seriously wear them with EVERYTHING! And you can't see them in this pic, but he was also wearing my favorite shoes of his, these Cat & Jack gray sneakers. Again, these go with everything, and how cute are they?! Flynn man gets compliments on them all of the time. I have a "shop this" link at the end of the post to make it easy for you to find where I got some of our outfits.

neutral baby shower decoration ideas

These stars are one of the best neutral baby shower decoration ideas I have seen. They are so easy, and they look so cute. Sis leaves them up for almost every party because they go with everything.

baby shower images

I'm so glad we have some of these baby shower images. I can't wait to frame some of them. Here is me and my main lil squeeze.

big brother baby shower

I mean you guys! I can't get enough of this photo. The expressions of these two is just priceless. They joke around like this all of the time. It melts my heart. I love that they are in matching leather jackets too. How cute is this toddler biker jacket? And I love this Banana Republic leather jacket Mikes has.

baby shower dessert ideas

Here is the shower dessert and food table. How gorgeous does this look? I love the "IAQUINTA" letters, balloons, and "hello baby" cake topper. My sis is seriously the hostess with the mostess. Amongst other baby shower food and treats, she had pizza (by request from Mike), kale and quinoa salad, s'mores, two cakes (more on that later), and chocolate mint sodas (a childhood favorite of mine). Everything could not have been tastier. It was my all time perfect menu.

big brother baby shower ideas

Here is soon-to-be big brother probably trying to talk cousin Kennedy into something no good.

big brother baby shower photo

I said it before, but I'll say it again. I love this lil H&M biker jacket. I am obsessed with H&M right now for Flynn man. He is size 1 1/2 - 2, so there are two sections he can fit in. I can either shop in the baby section or the boy section. It's like twice the merchandise available to him. It's awesome!

baby shower dad

It was a miracle that we got a shot of Flynn man + dad smiling at the same time. 

easy baby shower cakes

My sis served my two favorite cakes. First up, red velvet with cream cheese frosting. How beautiful is this? The fresh flowers are just gorgeous and match the theme perfectly. And that cake topper!

shower pics

I love that we got a few shower pics with the whole crew. It's rare that we remember to get a bit of the three (four) of us.

baby shower food

Second up, my sister served a yellow cake with chocolate frosting. This is my other fave cake flavor. She made this! How gorgeous does this look? The best part is it tasted just as delectable as it looks. 

images baby shower

Here are a few of us girlies. I really am so thankful for the wonderful family and friends I have. Mikes, Flynn, and I couldn't have felt more special. We are praying for a healthy birth, and we can't wait to find out if it's a boy or a girl! 

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