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A Special Gift Idea For The Mom To Be

A Special Gift Idea For The Mom To Be

Ever since we sent out our special video, we have been getting surprise deliveries to our front door. We really feel very spoiled by the love of our family and friends. Baby is obviously on my brain, so I got to thinking about the perfect gift for someone who is pregnant. A gift basket kept coming to mind. We recently got a special gift basket with a bunch of products from one of my new favorite brands, Honest, mixed with a couple of other items. Since I have about six special people in my life all due within a month of me, I decided to recreate this adorable gift and deliver it to one of my mommy-to-be-friends. This makes a great DIY baby shower gift too!

Special Delivery

There is nothing like a surprise delivery. I was just a wee bit excited when this showed up at my door.

I can't wait to try this baby DHA when TBD comes.

Stocking The Nursery

I stocked the shelves in the nursery with all of our new fun items including Baby DHA, Honest’s Organic formula, natural feeding bottles, and nipple balm. Honest just launched their feeding line. I am so excited to try these products when TBD arrives.

Even if your mommy-to-be plans to breast feed, I think it’s great to include formula in your gift basket. I plan to breast feed, but I want to be prepared in the case that I’m not able.

My mom said none of her five children, including yours truly, would take a bottle. She said we would all gag when she tried to put it in our mouths. These natural feeding baby bottles with specialized nipples have me encouraged that I might be able to pump every once in a while and have my hubby feed the baby!

To go along with the breastfeeding conversation, nipple balm sounds like it will be a must when baby comes and is beginning to feed.

I'm loving how these nursery shelves are turning out.

One really fun item that was included was this nursing cover + scarf. This is great to add to your mommy-to-be basket because it’s something she can enjoy now!

Trying It On For Size

I of course had to try on the scarf for size! It’s so cute, pregnant or not!

This 2-in-1 nursing cover + scarf makes a great early pregnancy gift idea, since it's something mommy-to-be can use now!

This stack of books gets me so excited. We have actually already started reading to TBD.

Reading Up

I have so much to learn before TBD gets here, so I have been reading up. The Honest Life + Healthy Child Healthy World are at the top of my list right now. I actually just started Healthy Child Healthy World, and I can’t get enough. I have learned so much about my child’s environment. It’s incredible.

I'm debating whether or not to leave the books stacked like this or to prop them up with some cool bookends. What do you think?

free printable baby shower gift tags

Free Printable Baby Shower Gift Tags

I designed these gift tags that I've made available for free download. Just print, cut, + tie onto your special package.


From One Mommy-To-Be To Another

Since I enjoyed the gift basket so much, I decided to recreate it, put a pretty ribbon bow on it, and deliver it to one of my mommy-to-be friends! You can download these mommy-to-be gift tags here.

Special Deal

For you new mommies, mommies-to-be, or gift-givers, Honest has a formula trial that’s a super good deal. It’s great if you want to include formula in your basket. You save 55% on your first tub, and you get free shipping. This is also great if you are thinking about trying formula or want to be prepared just in case you aren’t able to nurse when baby comes.

This is a sponsored post. Kristi Murphy has received product, trade, and/or payment in exchange for promoting. Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my blog!

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