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Welcome to my lifestyle blog. I document my adventures in DIY, interior design, entertaining, and fashion all while sharing little tidbits of my life along the way. Thanks so much for following along. It seriously means the world to me!

Refresh Your Workspace with DIY Gold Office Supplies

Refresh Your Workspace with DIY Gold Office Supplies

gold office supplies

We recently moved the office to the front room to make room for the nursery. Needless to say the office became a little bit of a disaster zone and needed a big refresh in the new space. So I enlisted the help of TinyPrints and added some gold office supplies to make it pretty.

gold office accessories

I am obsessed with notebooks. I always carry one that holds my running to-do list. So I had to make a gold notebook. This is one of my favorite gold office accessories. To make it I used the 5 x 8 notebook on TinyPrints and just uploaded my design. If you are curious, here is the tutorial for that DIY calendar you see in the back.

gold notebook
gold office prints

I am loving the gold office prints I've been seeing. To create this canvas print, download my design, and upload it to the 8 x 10 Big Photo Canvas Art product on TinyPrints.

acrylic tray

An acrylic tray makes the perfect catch-all for your office. Fill it with supplies and odds and ends. To make this I used the Just Your Style Medium Tray on TinyPrints.

gold office

I am loving my new gold office especially with this "believe" accessory I have sitting on my shelves. It reminds me everyday not to doubt myself, but to believe in myself. I made it using the Favorite Memory 7 x 5 Acrylic Photo Block. I left the text blank and uploaded my "believe" design.

DIY mug

Since I usually start my morning with a cup of coffee or hot cocoa, it was only fitting that I created a DIY mug to match my gold office accessories. To create the mug, I uploaded my design to the mug product on TinyPrints.

DIY mug gift

This also makes a great DIY mug gift. I am so much more productive when things are organized and look nice. Needless to say this office refresh and these gold office accessories have me knocking out my to-do list. I hope it does the same for you! In case you are interested, here are all of my projects for TinyPrints.

This is a sponsored post. Kristi Murphy has received product, trade, and/or payment in exchange for promoting. Thank you SO MUCH for supporting my blog!

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