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Make This DIY Globe Accessory With Two IKEA Bowls!

DIY Globe

I am so excited to share this DIY Globe Home Accessory with you today. In case you hadn't noticed, I have been on a "style" posts bender. Man do I hate getting in front of the camera! I much prefer to be behind the camera, so this "home" post is a welcome change. This DIY Globe is now sitting pretty on our DIY shelves. I will be sharing the full tutorial on how we did our shelves very soon. In the meantime, I've got the skinny on this globe. 

Make Your Own Globe

My favorite part of this accessory is the hinge on the back. It instantly makes this globe a mini storage bin for keys, jewelry, etc. It makes a perfect catch all.

DIY Globe Supplies

Blanda Matt IKEA bowls (choose your size ... I did the 5")
paint pen
mini hinge

mini Phillip's head screw driver

very thin drill bit


DIY Home Accessories

First, you will want to put the hinge on the bowls to adjoin them. Center the hinge on the rim of the bottom and top bowl.  Using a very thin drill bit, drill a small hole where you will put your first screw hinge. Screw in your first screw to connect the hinge. Continue doing this until each screw is screwed in. Note you will see paint on the globe here. This is because I did the hinge last. However, it's best to start with the hinge, so you don't have to mess with lining up your continents.

DIY Globe Step 1

Using the internet as a guide, freehand draw the continents onto your bowls. Obvi they don't have to be perfect because you most likely aren't going to be using this globe for reference.

DIY Globe Step 2

Color in the continents with your paint pent. Apply 2 - 3 coats, making sure to allow the paint to dry between each coat. Make sure to paint inside the rim where the continents are shown. This will diminish the seam between the two bowls.

DIY Wooden Globe
Making A Globe
Make A Globe

In case you are interested, here are all of my IKEA hacks.

Making Globes

Are you digging the globe trend in home decor?

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