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DIY Barrettes for an Oscars Viewing Party + Beyond

Gold Sequin Hair Barrette

If you can't tell, it's all about the Oscars this week. I'm slightly excited ... okay really excited ... to see what everyone is wearing and who will be taking the awards home! So I've got another idea that will carry you through the Oscars and beyond. These sequin star barrettes would be so fun to give to your girlfriends as an Oscars viewing party favor or for you to wear for the big night. They will match your tuxedo confetti poppers and sequin star muslin bags. The thing I love about these is I will for sure be wearing these after the Oscars. They are so cute!

DIY Sequin Barrette Supplies
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1. Trace star template onto felt and cut out.

2. Glue sequins.

3. Glue barrette on.

DIY Sequin Barrette Step 1

Begin by printing the star template I created for you. Cut out the template and trace it onto your felt. Cut out the star from the felt. Make sure to use a color of felt that won't stand out too much from the sequins.

DIY Sequin Barrette Step 2

Starting on the perimeter, glue the sequin trim onto the star using a glue gun. Continue around the star working your way inside until you reach the very center. Glue your last sequin and cut off the rest of the trim.

DIY Sequin Barrette Step 3

Glue the alligator barrette onto the back of the star using your glue gun. You want the alligator side facing up so the clip follows the curve of your head. Finally, clip your new sequin star barrette into your hair!

DIY Bando Hair Accessories
DIY Hair Accessories

So whatcha all think? Let me know in the comments below!

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