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Tuxedo Confetti Poppers for an Oscars Viewing Party

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As if you couldn't tell by my PJs and Pearls Oscars Party for celebrity Lauren Conrad last year, I absolutely love Oscars time! It's so much fun to see what the stars are wearing and to find out which movies I need to get out and go see (usually it's all of the winners as I NEVER get out to see movies)! If you are on the fence about having a little Oscars viewing get together, I hope this DIY encourages you to do one. Even though there is so much to do, I'm realizing how important it is to get together with your friends and enjoy some fun time! 

In case you are wondering, the mustaches, party circles, and swag tags are all part of my PJs and Pearls Oscars Party Printable Collection, which you can download.

DIY Confetti Popper

So I've got some Tuxedo Confetti Poppers for your viewing pleasure today (pun intended ;-). Today's post couldn't some soon enough after I came up with the idea! I was so excited to share. Here is the full tutorial ...

DIY Confetti Poppers Supplies
DIY Ideas Kristi Murphy Supplies Image

Treat Pops
Glue Gun
Hole Punch
Wide Black Ribbon
Thin Black Ribbon
Gold Contact Paper or Gold Paper
Black Paper or Cardstock
White Paper
Confetti (not shown)

DIY Ideas Kristi Murphy Instructions Image
DIY Confetti Popper Step 1

Cut a piece of the big ribbon about 4.5" long. Fold the ribbon in a circle and glue the ends together.

DIY Confetti Popper Step 3

Cut a piece of the thin black ribbon to about 1.5." Wrap the thin ribbon around the center of the wide ribbon to make a bow tie. Trim and glue the ends together.

DIY Confetti Popper Step 4

Punch holes into the black paper or card stock.

DIY Confetti Poppers Step 5

Measure the height of your treat pops. Cut a piece of white paper to that height. If you are using the recommended treat pops, it will be about 3.25."

DIY Confetti Popper Step 2

Wrap the white paper around the treat pops and glue in place. Glue the bow tie onto the white paper. Glue the black circles onto the white paper.

DIY Confetti Poppers Step 7

Measure the height of the treat pop stick. Make sure the stick is all the way pulled out, so it clicks into place (the square is in the square hole). Cut gold paper to size to wrap around the stick. Wrap the gold paper around the stick and glue into place.

DIY Confetti Poppers Step 6

Fill the top with confetti. Put the cap on. When you are ready to party, take the top off, and push up the stick with some force to let the confetti fly!

Confetti Poppers
Oscars Party Confetti Poppers
Academy Awards Party

I'm thinking the reason I love the Oscars so much is because of my gold obsession. Come to think of it I'm obsessed with black and white too ... duh no wonder I love Oscars party decor!

Would you give this simple DIY a try? Let me know in the comments below!

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