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Tuxedo Popcorn or Favor Boxes for an Oscars Party

Party Favors

I hardly ever watch TV, but when I do I watch the normal stuff: Sportscenter, Kardashians (shhhh ... it's my guilty pleasure), Today Show in the morning, NBC Nightly News, etc. ... all respectable programs right? (well maybe not KUWTK ;-). Not really sure why, but today my TV watching took a weird turn. I watched 90 Day Fiancé and My 600 Pound Life while I was doing some work. If you haven't seen either one, you have to. You will be hooked in a weird, give you the willies, creepy kind of way. A not-so-weird show that I will definitely be watching with popcorn in hand on Sunday is the Oscars of course! Since it's all about the Oscars this week on the blog, I've got another simple idea for you that will make for fun Oscars watching. These Tuxedo Boxes would be super cute to use for popcorn or as favor boxes for your guests. The best part is these totally match the Tuxedo Confetti Poppers I showed you how to make. Let's get started.

DIY Ideas Kristi Murphy Blog Supplies Image

Wide Black Ribbon
Thin Black Ribbon
Black Paper or Card Stock
Hole Punch
Small White Gift Box
Glue Gun

DIY Ideas Kristi Murphy Blog Instructions Image

1. Wrap wide ribbon in a circle and glue the ends together.

2. Wrap and glue a thin piece of ribbon around the center of the wide ribbon to make a bow.

3. Punch out circles from the black paper.

4. Glue bow and circles on the box to make a tuxedo.

DIY Oscars Tuxedo Boxes Step 1

First you will wrap the wide ribbon in a circle and glue the ends together like this photo shows. Make sure to line up the ends of the ribbon before gluing.

Oscars Tuxedo Boxes Step 3

Next, bunch the center of the wide ribbon together, and wrap a small piece of the thin ribbon around the center. Glue the ends of the small ribbon together trimming any extra ribbon if needed.

Oscars Tuxedo Favor Boxes Step 4

Using your hole punch, punch out small circles from your black paper or card stock. Glue the bow tie and the black circles onto the top of the box to look like a tuxedo.

Oscars Party Ideas

Will you be watching the Oscars this weekend? Let me know in the comments! I'd love to hear what you are doing.

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