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West Elm Inspired DIY Marble Table

West Elm Inspired DIY Marble Table

DIY marble table

Have you all heard of marble contact paper? It will change your life forever. I love it so much I tried to put it all over our wood countertops to make marble countertops. Unfortunately they are wood and have a lot of oil, so the contact paper didn't stick. Back to the drawing board on that one. If you couldn't tell that I have a marble obsession from my marble clock and my marble shelf, this post will confirm it. So I was super in love with the West Elm table below. Rather than spend the $300, I decided to save some money and make it. Here's the scoop.

West Elm marble side table
DIY side table supplies
DIY marble table step 1

Put the base of the table together according to the IKEA instructions leaving out the wire shelf. Spray paint the wood base. Allow to dry for at least two hours.

DIY marble table step 2

Cover the table top with contact paper. I like to spread out the contact paper essentially one horizontal line at a time with my finger or a putty knife/scraper. Leave the backing on the unused portion as you work your way down. This way the contact paper doesn't stick on sides you haven't gotten to yet. If there are any air bubbles that you just cannot get out, you can pop them with a pin and smooth out. If you are using a scraper/putty knife, test it on a discreet place to make sure it doesn't scrape your contact paper. The metal one I used above did, so that is why I recommend a plastic one in the supplies list.

DIY marble table step 4

Place your top onto the base, and you are done!

DIY side table ideas
DIY nightstand

What do you guys think? Would you give this a shot? How do you feel about contact paper?


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