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West Elm Inspired Marble + Wood Blocks For the Nursery

West Elm Inspired Marble + Wood Blocks For the Nursery

marble contact paper DIY

As you know I am currently in the midst of putting together TBD's nursery. I have most of the big items so now it is time to style + accessorize. I completed the nursery gallery wall above the crib, and I am in the midst of styling the nursery shelves I began to stock a couple of weeks ago. I am all aboard the marble train, and I think this trend works beautifully in a gender-neutral nursery. It's not too "baby," which I am trying to avoid. I don't want to have to buy or make all new pieces once TBD grows up (which I'm sure will happen tomorrow). 

West Elm marble and wood blocks

In my search for marble accessories, I fell in love with these West Elm marble and wood blocks. I thought they would be perfect for the nursery. However, the large ones (which I needed in order stack them) are currently sold out, and $22 is a bit expensive for the small ones. So I decided to make them. This marble contact paper DIY will cost you about $1 per block. High fives! Note that my blocks are a bit smaller than the West Elm version, but I actually like it this way. You can fit the blocks in smaller spaces like on those gallery shelves that are so hard to fit anything on.

marble DIY

You can always modify this marble DIY to make bigger blocks if you want them to be the exact size of the West Elm blocks.

DIY marble and wood blocks supplies
DIY marble and wood blocks for nursery step 1

First measure the sides of your block. Even though your blocks are labeled a specific size, I have noticed there are imperfections. One side might be slightly smaller or bigger than the other. Next, measure + cut two squares of marble contact paper that will cover two sides of your block. Cut one more square to size, and cut this in half. You will be left with two right triangles. To decide where to place your marble contact paper, keep this in mind. You want the marble to cover half of the block, so it looks like marble and wood were fuzed together to make these pieces. So, place the triangle pieces on opposite sides, and place the square pieces on the adjacent right angle sides. And that's it! How easy was that?

DIY nursery decor

I am having so much fun thinking of DIY nursery decor ideas. I better get crackin' as TBD will be here before I know it! Oh and with your leftover marble contact paper, might I suggest my IKEA hack bedside table

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