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DIY Peter Pan Collar (Leather Couch Chronicles #7)

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This DIY Peter Pan Collar will help you channel your inner Kate Middleton. It's sophisticated and stylish just like the Duchess herself. BTW I'm so glad you all liked the DIY Leather Pockets tutorial yesterday. As promised, here's the rest of my dress update. I'm really happy with the way it turned out. 

DIY Clothes Ideas

For those of you who are wondering what the Leather Couch Chronicles are all about, I bought a leather couch at Goodwill about a month ago for $25. That's a steal considering how much leather costs! I stripped the couch because that's what I bought it for and left the rest of it with Goodwill. I've been chronicling all of the projects I've been able to make with the leather in the Leather Couch Chronicles.

DIY Peter Pan Collar Supplies

dress (I just got this fancy lil' number at H&M, so I bet they still have it!)
leather (I used the leather from a $25 GoodWill couch)
glue gun
leather hand needle
box cutter or scissors
thimble (I prefer metal and one that fits your pointer finger)
jean finishing thread or leather grade thread

Peter Pan Collar

With your leather facing down, trace the crew neck of your dress. Next, draw one side of your collar. Note: my collar stops at the shoulder seams. Cut out this side, leaving about 1/2" above the crew neck. This is because you will be tucking the top of your collar behind the crew neck of the dress. Trace the first side to create the second side of the collar. This is obvi so they come out even. Cut this side out in the same manner.

Removable Peter Pan Collar DIY

Lay your collar on top of the dress. Because pins will leave holes in the leather, glue your collar in place. Tuck the tops of each collar behind the crew neck.

Peter Pan Collars

Slip stitch the collar to the inner lining of the dress. Way easier than you thought ... huh?

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Peter Pan Collar Ideas

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