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Copper Pipe Toilet Paper Holder

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

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So I still haven't kicked my copper obsession. It is actually worse than ever. While shopping at Kmart yesterday for the post, I couldn't stop thinking of DIY ideas with copper pipes. So if you see more copper DIYs don't get mad at me okay? Today I am sharing a DIY toilet paper holder made out of what else ... a copper pipe. I was inspired by this one I saw, but I wanted to change up the hardware a bit to make it look more sleek. 

How To Make A Toilet Paper Holder
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toilet paper
1/2" x 1' copper pipe
2 90 degree copper fittings (make sure both ends fit over the copper pipe)
2 1/2" copper straps
2 1/2" copper caps
4 screws
screw driver (not pictured)
super glue (not pictured ... like this kind for copper which is tricky)
pipe cutter (not pictured)

Kristi Murphy DIY Blog Instructions Image
DIY Toilet Paper

Cut two pieces of copper: one 6 1/4" and one 5 3/4."

DIY Toilet Paper Holders

Measure how big you need the third piece of copper based on the size of your toilet paper roll. You want to make sure you have extra space in between the roll and the top copper pipe, so you can roll out your toilet paper. For reference, I cut my piece to 3 1/4." Attach the 90 degree copper fittings to the pipes to make a "U" shape like the photo.

Make A Toilet Paper Holder

Add the caps and straps.

Toilet Paper Holder DIY

Screw on the toilet paper holder using your screws and screwdriver. Should we check out the finished product again? 

DIY Toilet Paper Holder

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