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Holiday Snaps

Holiday Snaps

holiday snaps


I thought I would share some of my favorite holiday snaps with you today because let's face it, I can't get over the fact that the holiday season is officially over. I don't know how I'm going to wait a a whole year for Christmas. Not only do I LOVE Christmas, but it is so wonderful having everyone home and off work. It's just magical getting to spend quality time together not worrying about work. These first holiday snaps are from Thanksgiving. Mikes and I went to a restaurant here in town, El Churro. It was so special just the three of us, and it's always nice to not have to worry about cooking a thing on Thanksgiving. 

cute kids photos

I have never seen Flynn having so much fun as he was on Thanksgiving. He was running around like a maniac after dinner out on the grassy area. His giddiness was unprecedented. It was such an amazing day. The weather was gorgeous, and we had so much fun chasing lil man around. It was definitely one for the books. 

dad and son photo ideas

This holiday snap is one of my all time favorite pics of Flynn and Mikes. I love their smiles and the candidness in this shot. It depicts exactly how these two are together. We actually framed it for Mike's desk at work. I can't get enough of these two. I will miss just the two of them together when the new babe arrives. But I know it will be even better having a new love in our lives. I have heard the love just multiplies.

kids photography ideas

This snap might be a fun one to frame. I love the happiness in his step. I hope he never loses that. 

Christmas Tree Hunting

winter maternity photo ideas

We had a great time Christmas tree hunting, and of course it was necessary to wear matching boots. I am sporting the 32 week bump here. I've grown just a wee bit since then.

mother and son photo ideas

This is my famous "dip" move with Flynn man. I love that he loves it.

mother and son photo shoot ideas

And this is Flynn man and I playing peek-a-boo with daddy behind the Christmas trees. He got a real kick out of it.


winter family photo ideas

Before Christmas we took a trip to Telluride, CO for almost a week. It was so much fun. I used to go to Telluride all of the time when I was young, so I always love going back. Mike is enamored with the ski town too. It's just magical. You don't have to drive anywhere. They have shuttles and gondolas to take you into town. Speaking of gondolas, this is Flynn man riding the gondola. He loved it of course.

winter family photos

Flynn and cousin Kennedy had so much fun together. It melts my heart how much they love each other. And how cute is that jacket Kennedy is wearing? 

Christmas family photo ideas

This is Flynn man looking like an old soul out the window of the gondola.

Christmas family photos

I can't get enough of these trapper hats. They are so cute.

holiday family photo ideas

And here is another one! We of course had to put Flynn in one for sledding.

dad and son photo

Love this dad and son photo. Gotta love the magic hour light.

mom and boy pics

This is a pic in downtown Telluride. It is just so picturesque there.

toddler boy photo ideas

It was Flynn's first time seeing snow. He was totally smitten.

father and son pictures

I love these two in a big BIG way.

Tree Decorating

Christmas photo ideas

Flynn man was such a big helper to daddy when decorating the tree. We tried to put the durable ornaments on the bottom, but I think we still lost about four ornaments this year due to Flynn pulling them down.  

Christmas photo ideas for kids

This shot just makes me think of the excitement and wonder in the little ones' eyes over Christmas.

maternity Christmas photo ideas

Although Flynn doesn't seem to have a clue about what is going on with my pregnancy, he sure does love to talk to the baby and kiss it. It melts my heart. Hope you enjoyed our holiday snaps. Thank you so much for being here!

Christmas present wrapping ideas

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