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IKEA Hack Nightstand - Four Ways!

IKEA Hack Nightstand - Four Ways!

IKEA hack nightstand

I seem to be on a table kick as exemplified by the fact I just posted a one step DIY marble side table video, and now I'm posting another DIY table. Oh well! Hopefully you don't mind. This IKEA hack nightstand is a super easy project. All it takes is a lil' spray paint and some contact paper, and you will have it done in no time. I did this side table four different ways, so you can take your pick. And the entire project will only set you back about $40. That's a pretty good price for a nightstand!

DIY nightstand supplies

contact paper (marble, wood, + copper)
spray paint
IKEA PS 2012 side table (if this table is unavailable this makes a good substitute - Zinus Modern Studio Collection Nightstand)
shower squeegee, ruler, or scraper (something rubber is best)

DIY marble table step 1

Put together the table without the wire tray underneath. Spray paint the base if needed.

DIY marble table step 2

Measure the size of contact paper you will need. You may have to use two sheets to cover the tabletop, so you will have a seam. But that's okay. It's hardly noticeable. Cover the top with contact paper using your squeegee or rubber scraper tool (Metal like shown here isn't great because it can scrape your contact paper). Hands work really well too if you don't have any smoothing tools.

DIY marble table step 3

Your tabletop will end up looking like this.

DIY marble table step 4

Top the base with your new pretty top! And that's it!

DIY wood nightstand

rustic black + wood nightstand

Love this DIY wood nightstand. I think it would also look great in a room with some gray chairs and a woven rug!

IKEA hack DIY copper nightstand copper DIY

Stylish copper + Wood nightstand

This IKEA hack nightstand is a great mix of rustic and chic. I'm diggin' it.

DIY nightstand

Traditional marble + black nightstand

You might remember this DIY nightstand from my West Elm inspired DIY table post.

marble DIY

fun copper + marble nightstand

This DIY copper and marble nightstand might be my favorite, and in case you are interested, here is another marble DIY for good measure. Further, here are all of my IKEA hacks if your inquiring mind wants to know.

Which of these four is your favorite?

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