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Neon Antler Candle Holders

DIY candle holder

I am really diggin' this antler trend right now. I just put up a white paper mache Elk head from West Elm in my front room against the black wall. It looks awesome! Now I have these to carry the look throughout the house. Here is how to DIY these neon antlers. Everyone needs some neon antlers in their life … don't ya think?

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Antler Candle Holders (Currently unavailable, but I'm sure you could find them on ebay or something similar … or West Elm may restock soon!)

Neon Paint or Nail Polish (The color I used for the nail polish was called London Calling in this brand, but this one, Twiggie, is looks almost exactly the same.)

Small Paint Brushes

Martha Stewart Patterning Tape (This stuff is amazing.  I use it for so many projects!)

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DIY neon
candle holder DIY

Tape off ends of antlers. Go over tape with your nail to make sure no paint will seep through and cause a wiggly line.

antlers DIY


antler DIY

Let dry.

candle holders DIY

Remove tape.

neon DIY
DIY candle holders

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