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Printable Baby Month Stickers

Printable Baby Month Stickers

printable baby month stickers

This post is a lil' deceiving because lil' man Flynn just turned 4 months on the 15th. As it goes with new moms though, I didn't get around to posting this at 3 months. But I wanted to share the free printable baby month stickers I created for ya anyway. P.S. This smile just kills me. In case you are interested, here are our newborn hospital photos of Flynn man.

newborn photo ideas

And so does this little look. I can't get enough of him you guys. I am trying to savor every moment because it is going so fast.

ideas for newborn baby photos

I love the way he looks up at us ... especially the way he looks at my husband.

free printable baby stickers

And he has a real laugh now. It's my new favorite thing.

DIY newborn photos

It would be fun if these big eyes stayed blue, but we will see! 

newborn foot photo newborn photo shoot

These little padded feet ... I die.

free printable baby month stickers

So I guess I should get to the printables. I wanted to create some modern baby month stickers for you. I haven't seen many out there.

newborn feet photo newborn photo shoot

Don't you just love a newborn feet photo?

newborn photo

And this laugh!  Love this as a newborn photo.

baby month stickers printable

Here is a good look at the baby month stickers printable. These would look even better if done with a Cricut using my template.

cute newborn pictures

Hope you guys like these and don't mind seeing pics of my lil' man.

newborn pictures ideas

Maybe these photos will give you some newborn pictures ideas too.

newborn baby picture ideas

I'm thinking of designing a new set of baby month stickers for you each month.  What do you think?


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